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Jasper vs Instoried

Jasper vs Instoried: an AI writing assistant comparison

The world of artificial intelligence writing assistants is rapidly evolving. There are tons of new of AI-powered copywriting tools coming out every week. An they're all vying for the title of "best in show", becasue, let's be real, one product will probably take the vast majority of the market share. There can only be one top dog. ChatGPT is fast-becoming a favorite but it has limitations and it is more suited to general-purpose content. Products trained on a certain subset of source content, that focus on generating content based on specific prompts, and are aimed at specific audiences will still have their place. In fact, I think they will continue to grow in power.So let's take a look at two very popular tools in this space. In one corner, we have Jasper, the trusty AI writing assistant that's been making content-mill writing businesses sweat for a couple of years now. In the other corner, we have Instoried, the newcomer on the block that's making waves with its cutting-edge features. So, which one is best? Let's find out.Quick Comparison:Instoried: AI-driven story generation; Natural Language Processing (NLP); Automated content creation; Customizable templates; Analytics & Insights; Multi-channel publishing support; Collaboration toolsJasper: Visual storytelling tool; Drag & drop interface; Image library with over 1 million photos & videos; Audio library with over 10 thousand sound effects & music tracks; Storyboard builder with pre-made templates & layouts; Analytics dashboardJasperJasper is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps writers create high-quality content quickly and easily. It uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to understand user input, allowing it to suggest relevant topics, phrases, words, and even entire sentences based on what you’re trying to say. With its advanced grammar checking capabilities, Jasper can also help ensure that your work is free from errors before you submit it for publication or other purposes. Additionally, Jasper offers several features designed specifically for SEO optimization such as keyword research tools and automated meta tags generation. InstoriedInstoried is another AI-powered writing assistant that provides users with powerful tools to create engaging content quickly and easily. Like Jasper, Instoried uses NLP technology to understand user input in order to suggest relevant topics, phrases, words, or entire sentences based on what you’re trying to say. However, unlike Jasper which focuses mainly on grammar checking capabilities and SEO optimization features; Instoried takes things a step further by offering additional features such as automated storyboarding templates for creating visual stories in minutes as well as personalized recommendations tailored specifically for each individual writer's style of writing or topic preferences. Differences Between The Two Writing Assistants While both services offer similar core features such as NLP technology used for understanding user input in order to suggest relevant topics/phrases/words/sentences; there are some key differences between them worth noting:  1) Grammar Checking Capabilities: One of the main differences between Jasper and Instoried lies in their respective grammar checking capabilities; while both services use NLP technology for understanding user input in order to provide suggestion

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