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Got a cool AI tool that’s not listed on our site? Or do you love an AI-related product that you would like to share with others? Here’s how you can submit your creation. Fill out the form below with all the necessary details, and I’ll review your submission according to the guidelines (read below).

Once everything checks out, I’ll publish your tool as soon as possible.

How to get your tool placed on the list faster:

  1. It must be clear what your product or services does. If regular people can’t figure it out in 5 seconds, it’s not going on the directory.
  2. Write a unique description in line with the rest of the site (if it’s copied from soewhere, the tool will go to the bottom of the list and you’ll waiting longer while I write my own description)
  3. Display transparent pricing without any hidden fees. If we need to call you to get the pricing, it won’t be included.
  4. Have a practical and user-friendly product, free from technical jargon or excessive corporate language. It should be for end users and consumers in general.

I appreciate your contribution to the AI tools directory.

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