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The 10Web AI Assistant is a quicker, easier way to create and edit content in WordPress. This AI website builder generate unique, SEO-optimized website content that is indistinguishable from human writing. Plus, it comes with plenty of helpful features such as generators for various types of content and a paraphrase generator - perfect for saving time and resources

The plugin has an easy to navigate dashboard that lets you to create, edit and optimize your content with a click.

Not only does it make creating content simpler, but it also works to improve readability, style and creativity. There are over 20 templates with tailored prompts on offer so you can get the best results possible. All this comes within the 10Web Dashboard which includes its own Document Editor - ideal for streamlining the whole process even further.

Add-ons for major WP plugins are also available.

Suitable for WordPress pros and beginners.

Alternatives: GetGenie

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