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If you're looking for a nocode solution for building mobile apps that use the full potential of ChatGPT, Adalo is worth a look.

With pre-built connections and unique custom solutions, Adalo has made it pretty easy to add the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT to your mobile app. Incorporate automatic writing generation, language translation, content moderation, sentiment analysis and text processing. You can also add a "chat with AI" widget or feature.

Connect your Open AI token and add a custom action. It's that simple.

The beauty of the Ask ChatGPT Custom Action is its transformative flexibility. You could use it to power an AI Chat App, taking input from the user and receiving quick responses from the LLM. You might even harness the power of Adalo and ChatGPT to execute powerful tasks in your app such as professional writing enhancement, content moderation, translation, or even comment tagging using AI!

Magic Text ensures that your app's content remains dynamic and relevant. It acts as a placeholder and is replaced automatically with text from your database. To illustrate, consider an application displaying travel details. With Magic Text, clicking on specific trips will reveal more comprehensive details about them.

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