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Adobe Firefly

Generative Art

Adobe Firefly is a creative generative AI model family designed to help you create and edit various types of content with ease.

With Firefly, you can generate unique content for digital imaging, photography, illustration, graphic design, video, marketing, social media, and 3D modeling by simply describing what you want. Imagine how much time you'd save having Firefly intuitively add elements to your composition or make instant creative building blocks and edits.

Why choose Firefly over competing models like ChatGPT or DALL-E? Adobe claims they are putting creators first and that they are developing Firefly responsibly and focusing on features that actively involve the creative community, while striving for transparency and accountability.

Firefly is designed to help you expand your creativity and give you commercial advantages in your work. Plus, if ethics are your concern, Adobe is working hard to protect creators’ rights, allowing them to monetize their content and opt-out of the generative AI process if they prefer.

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