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AI Detector Pro

AI Detection

AI Detector Pro is a handy free tool from Content At Scale that mitigates the risk of being penalized by Google for using AI-generated content. By pasting or writing your content into the detector, you'll know within seconds if it's written by AI or sounds more human. The Chat GPT detector goes deeper than a generic AI classifier to detect robotic-sounding content.

What sets Content At Scale's AI content checker apart is its high accuracy, training on billions of individual pages of data and words. It can forecast if your content is AI-generated or humanly-optimized. As AI-generated text becomes more common, this free AI checker is one of the only tools that can accurately detect word strings and text created by ChatGPT and other AI generators.

Content At Scale uses a proprietary content platform, designed by an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in SEO and content marketing.

This AI detector is capable of analyzing and finding content generated by ChatGPT or any AI text generator. AI detection is becoming increasingly important so protect yourself and your content by knowing if it passes the bot versus human test.

Works well with Hix

Alternatives: Originality ai, Winston ai

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