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An easy-to-use voice editing platform with speech synthesis technology. Altered Studio's toolkit gives you the power to create, edit, and manipulate voice audio like a professional. Transform your voice or change your accent with the help of a pro audio studio.

  • Augment Your Voice: make your voice sound like any hand-picked or custom created voice actor from Altered's diverse catalogue. Need a gruff bounty hunter voice for your new graphic novel narration? No problem! Or maybe a soothing, dulcet tone for a meditation podcast? It's all there. Add an accent, sprinkle some gravitas, or channel professional voices' charisma to enhance your performance.
  • Create engaging shows: Get creative with multi-character production capabilities. Sound authentic thanks to excellent speech-to-speech and performance-to-performance technology.
  • Clone Your Voice: Mimic a famous actor or revisit your own voice from yesteryear. Get exactly the voice you've always wanted.
  • Record and Edit Anywhere, Anytime: Altered Studio can handle quick edits to professional productions on-the-go, with a range of features that streamline your workflow.
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