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Ava AI


Ava can generate content such as blog posts, emails, landing pages, Google ads, Facebook ads, product descriptions, tweets, Instagram captions, and more in just seconds. There are templates to help you tackle specific tasks—such as a meeting agenda, social media post, press release, job description, sales email, poem, pros and cons list, and an outline generator.

Streamline your writing process and increase your productivity.

The most impressive feature of Ava is its ability to co-create entire campaigns with you. From content ideation to execution, Ava can help you whip up a draft in seconds, freeing up more time for you to tackle other important tasks and increase your productivity.

Ava isn't just a content generator – it's also a content improver. With features like the AIDA framework and BAB framework, Ava can help you create effective ads and transform existing content to be more captivating and engaging.

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