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Bannerbear is an API-based image processing service that allows users to create various templates and generate visual content, including eCommerce banners and social media visuals, automatically. It offers a broad range of templates that users can modify with different options, such as color, opacity, size, and more.

By integrating Open AI Whisper model into video templates, Bannerbear's new feature enables video content creators to transcribe audio and build text-over-video clips for social media instantly. This allows users to generate videos from transcripts in a single API request without having to spend time editing the transcript, streamlining the process substantially.

With this new addition, users can switch to the Open AI Whisper model in the Build Pack Settings page, enabling them to apply it to all "Transcribe" video templates. The integration allows users to transcribe their videos with more precision, resulting in a better final product.

BannerBear offers an automated solution for generating social media visuals with no coding required. Automate repetitive marketing tasks by integrating with marketing tools and AI-powered features for facial detection and automatic resizing. BannerBear also supports both asynchronous and on-the-fly image generation.

You can also generate brief video clips, add watermarks and dynamic data, and include auto-generated subtitles to videos. And this can all be automated with tools like Zapier and Make to save time, increase output, and make projects more efficient.

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