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Beehiiv was already one of the fastest growing newsletter platforms but the addition of powerful AI features have lit a fire under the newsletter platform market.

Beehiiv's AI newsletter tools will change the way you produce newsletters, delivering better content with less keyboard wrangling. This fast-growing platform is looking liek the leader inAI for newsletters, and is the platform that other email marketing tools look to for inspiration.

The AI capabilities support powerful content automation workflows, optimizing it for various audiences, and personalizing your newsletters for each reader. It also provides insights into customer preferences and behaviour, allowing you to develop material suited to their specific interests.

  • The AI Writing Assistant gives you a ready supply of ideas, inspiration, and words. Just describe what kind of content you want–its length and tone—and the program will fill in the blanks for you with lightning-fast writing that magically sounds human. You can even test out different perspectives on your audience to see which ones resonate most strongly.
  • Content improver: make content more interesting by improving the flow, structure, and style. For example, change words from passive voice into active ones. Get recommendations for new words that may be better suited for your writing style.
  • Simplify your writing for maximum impact. Alter the tone of voice to suit your style. Auto-complete sentences like a pro.
  • AI spelling and grammar tools: advanced text-editing features can eliminate typos, correct grammatical errors, and enhance your writing style. Make your newsletters look polished. Get suggestions for better word choice and sentence structure. The end result is content that is as clear and polished as possible.
  • AI Image Tool: helps you create beautiful visuals from your imagination, just add words. Describe the image you want to create, choose a style, and get royalty-free images for your newsletters.
  • AI Translator: Expand your reach by translating your newsletters into multiple languages. Connect with a global audience without hiring a team of translators and editors (although you probably should have someone to check the content)
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