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Bitskout is a no-code ai automation platform to automate tasks and boost productivity. This software platform is designed to help your business reach its full potential by making productivity management simple and effective.

Estonia's Bitskout is listed on UNESCO's IRCAI top 100 global AI projects list. Bitskout isn't just about making your tools smarter, it's about making your life easier.

With an intuitive interface, smart plugins can be created in minutes and will read messages or documents to extract information for use within your workflow. Automate tasks that previously required a human touch.

  • Make plugins to do the heavy lifting: Use Bitskout’s Templates library or create your own plugin, and you have the flexibility to customize your automation needs. They can read email messages (including attachments), documents, snapshots, and more. Extract data from CVs, Purchase Orders, Invoices, or Bills of Lading with specialized custom plugins that you create and deploy.
  • Choice of Integrations: Bitskout works seamlessly with your favorite tools without the need for complex integrations or coding. If you're a Zapier enthusiast, Power Automate pro, or Asana master—simply integrate the plugins into your workflow!
  • AI-Powered Understanding: Bitskout's AI can understand content like humans, in your language or your target language.
  • No code tools: Add the plugins you create to your tools directly or via Zapier. Create no code automations powered by AI with just a few clicks.
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