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Graphic Design

Booltool is a graphic and written content creation suite aimed at graphic designers and content creators as well as digital marketers and dropshipping business owners. This brand-new toolkit promises to make your business processes a lot easier, especially when it comes to marketing and content.

Quit tab switching and use this suite to do everything you need in one place.

  • AI Background Remover: Remove backgrounds with ease and precision
  • Background Blur: Add a professional touch to your images
  • Photo Filters and Effects: Enhance your visuals with stunning effects
  • Photo Animation Effects: Bring your images to life. Sprinkle life into your visuals and make them stand out in the digital noise.
  • Image Compressor: Optimize your images without compromising quality
  • Image Resizer: Resize images to fit any platform or purpose

And when you need content to accompany your images, just use Booltool's copywriting tools to help you create compelling content:

  • AI Paraphraser: Rewrite any text easily and eliminate duplicate content with AI Paraphraser and a custom tool called "Sugar Comments" that will help sweeten your words. Rewrite any text instantly, eliminating duplicated content and boosting originality.
  • Photo Storytelling: Get the most out of your photos by telling stories with them.
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