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Brain FM


Brain.fm's patended artificial intelligence-powered music engine serves up unique tunes that help you concentrate, unwind, and sleep. The algorithm behind the music uses neuroscience research to create music that optimizes your brainwave activity for whatever your goal might be: optimal relaxation, focus, or sleep.

There is no doubt that music promotes concentration and mental health. 

Brain.fm is a fantastic tool for entrepreneurs who work on computers and need to manage their energy levels and influence their mental state for different types of work.

The made-for-purpose music fades into the background while stimulating the brain with rhythmic pulses, hence improving performance and mental condition.

You can also enjoy guided meditations, natural soundscapes, and white noise alternatives through the desktop or mobile app.

Brain.fm is scientifically supported, with patents for making functional music, and the company undertakes experiments to confirm the effectiveness of their service.

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