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Monitor and manage your brand’s online presence using AI-driven social listening built into Brand24, one of the original brand monitoring tools. See what’s hot, stay tuned to your brand or competitors’ good or bad vibes, and get actionable intel—all in one spot.

Brand24 offers depth and breadth of AI-based web monitoring capabilities. The real-time alerts and comprehensive dashboards capture a wide range of mentions that an average business might overlook. 

The AI Insights module uses machine learning to find hidden patterns, trends, and connections in the brand’s online mentions. It does sentiment analysis, emotion detection, and personalized recommendations to help businesses make informed choices. The AI tools can tell you what’s hot, what’s risky, and how to improve your marketing processes and campaigns.


  • Brand monitoring: Stay updated on the online reputation of your brand with real-time brand monitoring solution, which monitors online sources for any mentions or discussions. Track mentions across diverse channels like news sites, social media, and forums.
  • Sentiment analysis and metric tracking: Understand and analyze the sentiment or emotional tone expressed in content, mentions, and reviews. Sentiment analysis helps us understand what customers think, how the public feels, and the overall sentiment about a brand or product.
  • AI Insights, trends analysis and recommendations: Through data analysis, the tool recognizes emerging trends and potential issues before they reach a critical stage. AI Insights examines a large amount of processed data to identify patterns, trends, and recommendations that would be extremely difficult for humans to determine manually. Results are presented with simple and clear charts and reports.
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