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Bubble AI


Bubble offers a platform that combines AI technology with web and app development, catering to both beginners and experienced developers. Create custom web pages and applications without traditional coding thanks to AI-based automation of complex coding processes.

At the same time, experienced developers can make good use of the platform’s advanced tools to build sophisticated and scalable software products.

  • AI-Assisted Page Design: Describe what you want each page to look like, and Bubble’s AI tool generates custom web pages, dashboards, profile pages, and homepages.
  • AI-Powered Development Guides: Step-by-step guides help you navigate the app development process efficiently.
  • Responsive Frontend Creation: Generates a responsive frontend quickly, cutting down on the time spent on manual coding.
  • API Integration: Directly connect to OpenAI platforms like GPT, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, and more for advanced functionalities.
  • Community Resources: Access to courses, video tutorials, and community forums such as Bubble ChatGPT Slack and NoCodeAI Discord.

what can it be used for?

  • Web Development: Create personalized websites with minimal effort.
  • App Development: Build feature-rich applications using AI guidance.
  • Custom Designs: Quickly generate tailored designs for various web pages.

Main Benefits

  • Time-Saving: Reduces the time required for frontend development.
  • Ease of Use: Simplifies complex coding tasks for beginners.
  • Customization: Offers extensive customization options through simple prompts.

With Bubble you get AI design for custom web pages, step-by-step (AI-created) development guides, fast generation of responsive front-ends, API integration with OpenAI platforms, and community resources including courses and forums.

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