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Are you struggling to find the motivation to get things done? Chivvy is the AI-powered anti-procrastination habit tracker that will push you to achieve your goals.

Chivvy stands out with its relentless motivation, personalized reminders, and TwitterControl™ feature ensuring consistency in achieving your goals.


-Personalized Reminders: Chivvy's AI understands your individual needs and sends reminders that resonate with your reality. No generic messages here, only motivation to keep you focused.
-Embrace Deadlines: It embraces your preference for last-minute rushes and uses it to boost your productivity.
-TwitterControl™: Imagine the accountability and pressure of your followers witnessing your lack of progress. It's a sure way to stay motivated and avoid slacking off.
-Relentless Motivation: It won't let you give up or slack off. It's like having a personal coach who doesn't accept excuses and pushes you to do your best.
-Automatic Progress Update: With its integration with the iOS Health app and Google Fit, tracking your health and fitness goals becomes effortless.
-Visualize Progress: With its timeline feature, you can track your progress over days, weeks, and months. This visual representation provides valuable insights and helps you put your day in perspective.

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