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Chopshop ai: transform podcasts into bite-sized social media gold.

Use artificial intelligence to turn your video podcasts into highly engaging TikToks, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, for audiences who love fast-paced, short-form content.

It works like this: Upload a podcast, wait for AI to edit, and pick the best clips from a selection of 10-15. Simple! Gone is the time-consuming manual trimming and editing. Chopshop AI does the heavy lifting. You can even let the AI select the best clips, pick captions, add branding, and post straight to social media or export the results.

Hook new listeners with short, high-engagement clips

Grow your online presence and engage a wider audience by automatically sharing short clips across multiple platforms.

Get started with bite-sized, snackable content pieces that your audience can gobble up on the go.

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