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Clickable.so has some interesting features of note in the crowded world of AI-driven advertising. It combines technology with creativity to produce stunning, brand-consistent ads. This tool is a great resource for marketers, business owners, and advertising agencies who are looking to create impactful ads without needing to hire professional in-house designer or having to send the intern to design school.

Start by selecting your marketing channel, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads, and choose an ad format and size that suits your campaign.

Next, input keywords that are relevant to your ad campaign. These keywords can be pulled from your existing marketing campaigns or sourced directly from your website content. Clickable uses these keywords to understand your campaign's theme and objectives, which guides the generation of graphics and copy for your ads.

After the initial ads are created by the AI, you have the opportunity to review and customize them further. This is very important to make sure the ads match your campaign's needs and preferences. You can add or edit various elements of the ads, such as taglines, calls-to-action, and other visual or textual components. The platform's layout allows for manual tweaking and tweaking, giving you the freedom to customize the ads to your liking.

  • Clickable.so uses trained AI to make ads that are not only visually appealing, but also match your brand's identity. This helps you work faster and easier, so you can concentrate on other parts of your marketing plan.
  • The platform works with all kinds of advertising and sizes, so you can use it for everything you need.
  • The interface is easy to use, so even people who don't know much about design can make ads that look professional.
  • The tool pulls brand information from any URL on your website, making sure that each ad reflects your brand's distinct look and feel.
  • Despite its automated nature, Clickable.so offers ample opportunities for manual editing, allowing you to add personal touches such as taglines and calls-to-action.
  • Powerful built-in measurement analytics help in evaluating the success of various marketing strategies, making it easier to identify what works and what doesn't.

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