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Clockk uses AI to automatically track the time you spend on different projects and clients, so you can forget about start and stop timers and focus on your work.

Clockk takes the hassle out of time tracking by automatically recording the time you spend using different apps and websites. A seamless and efficient way of tracking your day.

Automatic time tracking: Clockk runs in the background, discreetly recording the time you spend on each project or client. From the moment you dive into your work, Clockk's AI takes care of assigning the time to the right project, so you can focus on what truly matters.

AI-powered project and client tagging: Clockk uses AI to determine which project and client your work gets assigned to. Because of this, you can immediately see how much time you've spent on each project or client without having to manually tag your time.

  • Activity view: Clockk organizes your work by project or client in the Activity View. With this thorough overview, it's simple to assess how you're using your time and pinpoint areas where you can increase productivity.
  • Seamless Integration: Clockk seamlessly integrates with popular tech products, allowing you to share data across your current tech stack. Enjoy the latest in time tracking technology without disruption, and streamline your workflow with Clockk's effortless integration capabilities.
  • Bill Accurately: By capturing every minute of your work time, even when switching between projects or forgetting to start the timer, Clockk helps you increase profitability by accurately billing for all your time.
  • Plan for Business Growth: Clockk provides you with valuable data about the time it takes to complete past projects. This information can be used to build more accurate and profitable proposals for future clients. With Clockk, you can plan for predictable business growth based on concrete insights.
  • Privacy and Control: Clockk is not an employee monitoring platform. You have full control over who sees your time-tracking data.
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