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Coda AI


Coda AI is a smart work assistant that will help you redefine efficiency, break free of mundane tasks, and welcome a world of efficiency and productivity. It's like Google Docs on steroids. Coda AI is an artificially intelligent assistant that learns from your behavior and helps you get more done in less time.

  • Consolidate your tool stack: Build docs as powerful as apps (more than just text). With powerful integrations and the ability to customize workflows, you can build interactive documents that streamline your work processes.
  • AI Assistant: Coda AI will take care of all the technical aspects involved in drafting content, finding information, referencing data, and creating tables. For example, you can create data for an entire column with a single AI prompt. You can also summarize, highlight action items, and convert data to text in one click or command.
  • Templates for everything: Pre-made templates to help jumpstart your workflow, including Voting Table with AI, Meeting Notes with AI and Product Roadmap.
  • Post meeting planner: Coda's AI templates can generate everything you need to create a meeting summary, including action items and next steps. You can also use Coda's AI templates to generate product roadmaps, data sheets, product roadmaps, presentations and more.
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