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Codeleaks is a source code AI detector developed by Copyleaks, one of the leading tools in plagiarism detection for written content.

  • Stay one step ahead of potential risks by providing detection of AI-generated code, checking for instances of plagiarism and modifications, and offering essential licensing details. Mitigate licensing and copyright infringement risks.
  • Get the true origin story of any code. Codeleaks is the only tool on the market that can detect plagiarism and AI-generated code with up to 99.8% precision.
  • Stay out of copyright trouble with licensing detail alerts. The software searches across popular code repositories like GitHub and Stack Overflow, helping you avoid copyright trouble by flagging potentially restricted code.
  • Keep ownership of your code. For proprietary code holders, Codeleaks provides constant monitoring and immediate alerts for potential infringements or leaks, adding a layer of security to your code. Discover if the source code has been copied or modified. Codeleaks accounts even for minor alterations or changes to larger sections.
  • Enjoy code highlighting for many programming languages. Each scan by Codeleaks reads the code as individual tokens, offering accurate, detailed results tailored to the unique coding language. Languages supported are Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C++, C, Java, C# and PHP.
  • Integrate code plagiarism detection with your native LMS for seamless plagiarism detection. Get the benefits of a fully customizable API for tailoring source code detection to your needs.
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