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Improve your code with AI and save precious hours writing test cases. CodiumAI is a new IDE extension for writing tests and maintaining code integrity.

With CodiumAI, you can focus on creating valuable features for users while keeping your code bug-free. Put an end to manual test creation.

  • CodiumAI's TestGPT helps you design automated tests while you're a part of the creative process, guiding developers through each step and suggesting new test cases as needed.
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of your code and its behavior with every change. By analyzing your code, docstrings, and comments, CodiumAI provides a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of your coding intentions.
  • Unlike simple code coverage quotas, CodiumAI's tests are meaningful and ensure maximum functionality. Traditional code coverage quotas don't guarantee robustness or verify your application's essential parts; instead of wasting time testing everything, focus on the most critical functions to release with confidence.
  • It's about code integrity, edge case discovery, and robustness, so it's different from general-purpose language model APIs.
  • 100% free for individual developers! Future open-source releases and paid enterprise plans are coming

Download the free VSCode extension and/or JetBrains plugin. Currently, CodiumAI supports Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript in both platforms, with plans to accommodate Java soon.

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