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A content writing tool that won't bombard you with buzzwords like "unleash" or "next level". Backed by the huge resources of one of the world's premier SEO tools, SEMrush, ContentShake has some unique features for those looking for a reliable AI content writing assistant.

Get dozens of content ideas to make your blog posts click with your customers. ContentShake generates tasty titles for your blog posts. Ideas are sourced from public queries and competitive insights - enjoy the feast!

Analyze competitive insights and questions asked by your audience, giving you actionable tips and recommendations to enhance your content. Become an instant expert through AI-driven insights—no Ph.D. required!

Write and optimize your copy, then use AI features to rewrite, simplify or expand it — the article outline is ready in a snap!

Get ready-to-use AI suggestions and outlines, along with detailed briefs, make it easy to create content that ranks above the competition.

  • Get data-informed suggestions and tips on what to include in your content, how long it should be and how best to describe it. Copy the structure of successful articles, or get inspired by competitor sites' titles.
  • Peek into your competitors' playbooks to uncover fresh ideas. Get a detailed tour of their detailed article structures, keywords, and headlines.
  • Get the most relevant opportunities around your website's content, categories, and tags.
  • Share briefs with writers and collaborate on projects in real time.
  • Describe your business, and let Outline Builder show you the trending topics for your content journey. Pick a topic, review it, and tweak it so that it resonates with your site's vibe.

Publish your articles directly from the content writing tool to WordPress

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