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Coursebox AI


Fast and efficient course creation with AI. Coursebox is an artificial intelligence course creation tool that helps you rapidly make online training courses. 

  • Automatic draft course creation: Generate course outlines in seconds. Let the tool analyze your topic and content and instantly create a course framework. These steps help jumpstart the course creation process.
  • Transform existing documents, website pages, and videos into course modules by adding quizzes, assessments, or interactive elements.
  • You can publish courses privately or publicly, share them with others, and integrate your content into other LMS platforms. Coursebox gives you flexibility over where to distribute your coursework—whether it's for a select audience or available to everyone.
  • Branded site customization features let you adjust the platform to suit your business and needs. Set up your unique platform instance and domain name by creating a customized version of our software application.

Coursebox focuses on speed and simplicity. The intuitive editor makes it easy to review auto-generated content and make edits. The tool handles the heavy lifting, while you focus on polishing.

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