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Get long-form, highly SEO-optimized content without spending a fortune. Use your own OpenAI keys with Cuppa.

Punch in your keys, and let AI magic unfold.

  • No restrictions, no limitations – just plug, chug, and go.
  • Annual and lifetime passes available for publishing powerhouses.
  • Personalized support for all your queries, through FAQs and a dedicated Pricing section

This is a content generation tool designed by content experts aimed at website builders, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. It's deceptively simple. The content innovators who built Cuppa understand that people want results rather than flashy marketing and design.

Cuppa seeks to merge affordability and efficiency while fitting snugly into your daily routine.

You get to specify your target keyword or article topic, choose the tone of voice that perfectly suits your brand, pick the narrative point of view, and even select the output language for the article.

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