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With CustomGPT.ai, businesses can make their own GPT-4 chatbot using their own content, no coding required. This innovative solution harnesses the powerful capabilities of GPT-4 to provide accurate, fact-based responses to customer inquiries and internal research tasks without the risk of hallucinations.

The unique offering from CustomGPT.ai allows businesses to develop a customized GPT-4 chatbot that makes use of their specific content. Privacy is important to CustomGPT and the algorithms are developed to ensure that chatbot responses neither fabricate information nor compromise sensitive data. The developers specifically create it for users without technical expertise, offering a setup that doesn’t require coding and providing various options for deploying it.

Make ChatGPT plugins without coding or create a custom chatbot to make your business content more accessible to customers. By implementing this strategy, you can effectively set stand out from competitors and steer clear of generic responses to client inquiries. Make your website a hub for accurate and relevant customer conversations.

Humans are no match for machines in terms of speed. AI can quickly find the best answers by reading your help docs, documentation, and customer queries. When you answer in real-time, the customer is satisfied and you’ve cut down on customer support expenses.

Get your custom bot up and running on your website—embed it in a widget or LiveChat, or integrate it into your workflow with the API.

Use code AFFILIATEPARTNER to get 100% off your first month's subscription, a great way to try out the platform and build your own "custom GPT"

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