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Deciphr is your AI podcast engineer, turning podcast episodes into transcripts, summaries, audiograms, and more in minutes. Turn your podcast episodes into engaging, shareable content in minutes.

Fine-tune your audiograms, video reels, and transcripts to ensure they align with your brand’s style and tone. You can even upload a sample of your writing to teach the software your unique voice, making the generated content feel authentically you.

he tool supports URL and batch uploading, making it simple to import your content directly from YouTube, RSS feeds, or your entire channel or playlist.

The AI Content Assistant helps you take your new post-episode content from good to exceptional with simple chat requests.

Key Features:

  • Transcription and Summaries: Create accurate transcripts and concise summaries of your podcast episodes.

  • Timestamped Chapters: Automatically generate chapters with timestamps to enhance listener navigation.

  • URL & Batch Upload Support: Seamlessly upload content from YouTube, RSS feeds, or in batches for efficient processing.

  • Intuitive Content Editor: Customize audiograms, video reels, and transcripts to match your vision with a user-friendly editor.

  • Personalized Writing Style: Teach the AI your unique writing style for content that feels authentically yours.

  • AI Content Assistant: Simplify the editing and formatting process with AI-driven content improvements.

  • Instant Audiograms and Video Reels: Transform audio segments into visual content with customizable templates.

  • Social Media Captions: Generate engaging captions for various social platforms in seconds.

Alternatives: Podcastle, Castmagic, OpusClip, Podium, Recast Studio, Descript

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