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Write engaging product descriptions, titles, and tags in seconds with help from Describely's specialized AI.

The platform uses OpenAI's generated predictive text models and optimizes them for your e-commerce copywriting needs.

  • Describely's product catalog management makes it easy to import your product information and keep track of changes.
  • Collaboration Support: Assign tasks to team members, review and approve content in-app. Manage work flow, eliminate email back-and forth.
  • Seamless Integration with eCommerce Platforms: Describely works smoothly with established platforms like Shopify, as well as Amazon and Wix. More such integrations are planned for the future.
  • Brand Voice Customization: Uniformity or variety – the choice is yours. Consistent Brand Voice: Maintain a single or multiple brand voice across various products for consistency.
  • SEO data: With direct access to helpful keyword data, you’re better able to target your content. When it comes to optimizing the content? You've got a wealth of search-engine-friendly titles ready at hand!
  • Bulk Content Generation: Create hundreds of product descriptions at once, so you can focus on other work.
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