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Advanced audio and video editing with AI. With Descript, editing audio and video files is as simple as editing a text document.

  • Automatic Speaker Labels: Descript's AI-powered Speaker Detective makes it easier to identify who's speaking in your recordings—adding speaker labels in just seconds.
  • Overdub: With Descript's Overdub feature, you can insert words into your transcript and have them added immediately to your recording. You can choose from stock AI voices or train the AI to reproduce your own voice for an ultra-realistic experience!
  • Rapid Transcription: Descript's AI can produce transcripts in just a few minutes, even for lengthy audio files.
  • Filler Word Removal: Descript’s AI removes filler words and awkward silences, saving you countless hours of editing.
  • Auto-Splicing and Leveling: At publication, Descript creates final audio files that are auto-spliced and leveled. This makes all your speakers sound like they're in the same room—even if they're not!
  • Audio Gap Removal: Descript eliminates gaps in the audio stream, resulting in a faster pace and eliminating dead air.
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