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Devi AI


Devi AI brings you high-intent leads that are ready to purchase. By monitoring social media platforms and identifying posts related to your product or service, Devi AI helps you engage with potential clients when they're most interested.

In just 30 seconds, you can start capturing leads and maximizing your sales.

Here's how:

-Connect your social media accounts.
-Add relevant keywords for AI monitoring.
-Provide your business details for AI outreach.


-Keyword Monitoring: Devi AI goes the extra mile and even monitors global newspapers and website blogs. This comprehensive keyword monitoring ensures that you never miss out on potential leads in your industry.
-Personalized Comments and Messages: Win clients over with Devi AI's AI-generated personalized comments and messages.
-Visual Content: Boost inbound leads and engage your audience with visually appealing content. With AI-curated news visuals specific to your industry, you'll save time and effortlessly attract potential clients.
-1-Click Scheduling for All Social Media Profiles: No more juggling between platforms or spending hours manually scheduling posts.

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