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Divi AI


Divi is well-known as a popular page builder for websites. It was one of the original tools to offer drag-and-drop page creation and has remained a strong contender in the space ever since.

Divi AI adds an AI assistant to your web-building tools. 

Here's why Divi AI stands out:
-Divi AI understands every element on your page or website. This allows it to tailor content created within your Divi Builder so that it aligns perfectly with any design you provide. It will also generate contextually relevant copy, create custom images inside the builder itself, and use them in posts without outside intervention. This formatting is done automatically, and you retain full control over how each piece of information appears on the page.

  • Auto-Generation is the New Automation. Divi AI generates content for you, and it does so by analyzing your existing text, images, and modules, and then providing smart suggestions. All you have to do is click to accept or modify. Simple. 
  • Divi AI's ability to generate images from scratch is excellent, but it also allows you to modify existing images in new and exciting ways. 
  • The custom AI finds patterns in your site's existing content and suggests new ideas based on those patterns. So, rather than spending hours brainstorming for fresh blog topics, you can simply feed the tool an old post (and select whether it should generate a full article or just some bullet points)

Alternatives: WebWave, Framer, 10web

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