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Design Generators

Dzine (formerly Stylar) is an AI photo editor and image generation tool that helps creators with their design work, especially for generating, editing, and improving images.

Dzine’s features include AI Photo Filter, Generative Fill and Modify, image enhancer, and a unique image-to-image capability. These tools let you combine different elements, turn sketches into polished artwork, swap faces, and even remove unwanted objects from photos with precision.

The platform’s Generative Fill and Modify tool gives you the power to edit images by simply typing the changes you want to make. This feature alone could save a lot of time that would normally be spent editing by hand. Dzine can quickly make art from text prompts and uses GPT to create prompts. This makes it much easier to bring your design and image ideas and concepts to life.

If you’re a character designer, the art styles and AI-assisted tools in Dzine will help you ramp up your workflow for creating consistent game characters and animations. Game developers and animation studios, check out the tools for converting 2D sketches into more dynamic 3D characters. The 2D to 3D converter feature allows you to convert images to 3D, enhancing your creative possibilities.

Get 200 free credits weekly or buy a premium subscription if you’re a power user. Dzine has created active communities on Discord, Instagram, Reddit, and YouTube for creative contests and collaboration. You can learn from others as you learn the tool.

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