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EchoFox your sales robot that that helps you turns visitors into buyers!


  • Quick and Easy Setup: Install EchoFox in just 2 minutes. No need to hire a sales or support team - let this live sales machine work for you.
  • Customizable for Your Business: Personalize EchoFox by customizing colors, logos, and conversation context to match your brand.
  • Collaborative Workflows: Resolve complex issues efficiently with team-optimized collaboration tickets. Assign conversations, tag team members, and share notes.
  • Data Analytics: Analyze visitor properties alongside conversations. Gain insights into visitor location and access in-depth profiles.
  • Data Collection: EchoFox collects data on each site visitor, tracking their location, chat history, and more. Acquire valuable leads.
  • Learn from Data: Run reports to identify patterns in your data. Gain insightful customer knowledge for effective decision-making.
  • Engage with Personalized Data: Easily connect with customers using personalized data. Leverage automated email functionality.
  • Event Triggers: Initiate drip sequences for cart abandonment or sign-ups. Maximize conversion opportunities.
  • Email Templates: Create customizable email templates, using CRM variables for easy personalization.
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