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Eclipse AI


Eclipse AI takes the guesswork out of understanding and retaining your customers by merging chat, surveys, audio/video calls, emails, and online reviews into one platform.

Exclipse allows you to create unique surveys or integrate existing surveys.

Get actionable insights that highlight areas of improvement and boost your Customer Experience KPIs.

Focus on executing strategies that matter instead of manual data analysis.

Questions that Eclipse AI can answer for you:

  • What are the top reasons why customers are churning?
  • What are the most common pain points that customers are experiencing?
  • What are the best ways to improve the customer experience?
  • What are the most effective ways to retain customers?

How it works:

  • Listen: Connect and amalgamate your omnichannel voice-of-customer data.
  • Understand: Identify real-time trends and warning signs that affect customer retention.
  • Act: Receive AI-assisted insights that lead to increased customer retention.
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