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Elai.ai is a new tool for creating artificial intelligence (AI)-generated videos from just text—no camera or green screen required! If you've been looking for a way to create visual content without the expense of filming and editing, this could be a valuable content production tool for you.

  • Personalized videos created with Elai.ai outshine regular content.
  • Create customized videos with an AI presenter without needing a camera, studio, or green screen. Add text and watch as the platform creates a video with a realistic digital presenter.
  • Over 80 avatars are available to represent your brand or message.
  • One-click video translations in 75 languages allow you to reach a global audience. Multilingual voice cloning allows you to execute your narration in any of the 28 different languages available.
  • Elai's AI video storyboard feature allows you to let the computer generate a story for you, including text, images, and videos.
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