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Exolyt is a TikTok analytics and growth marketing tool specifically designed for businesses and creators who want to dominate TikTok by leveraging data. It’s a powerful tool for analyzing your followers and competitors, managing your audience growth, driving traffic to your TikTok account, increasing engagement and monetizing.

The AI content assistant is all about helping you come up with fresh content ideas. You simply give it some information about the kind of video you want to create, like industry, goal, tone of voice, and topic, and it works its magic. The tool will suggest you ideas for videos and help you create them. It’s a great way to come up with new content that’s relevant to your audience. The AI assistant can also help you come up with hashtags and captions for your TikTok posts.

The secret sauce behind Exolyt lies in its proprietary algorithms and deep knowledge of TikTok's content trends, placing it in a unique position to help you create content with viral potential. While other tools might give you data, Exolyt turns that data into actionable, customized content ideas.

The best TikTok analytics tool is now even better thanks to AI capabilities.

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