Fireflies is an AI notetaker that can turn your meetings into an enhanced productivity machine, recording and transcribing meetings across numerous platforms, and generating pro-level transcripts in minutes.

  • Auto-Transcription. Automatically records and transcribes meetings
  • Integration with popular conferencing platforms
  • Notetaker with AI-powered search to review meetings in a flash
  • Collaborate with coworkers using comments, pins, and reactions
  • Unite and organize your conversations into a self-updating repository with Fireflies' Real-Time Knowledge Base
  • Analyze speakers' talk time, sentiment, monologues, and more to provide valuable feedback and improve team performance in sales, recruiting, and internal processes.
  • Use Voice-Activated Workflow Automation to log call notes in your CRM or create tasks with voice commands.

Say goodbye to boring, manual CRM updates. Fireflies.ai's AI assistant logs call notes, activities, and recordings under the appropriate contacts. It's all done for you. A huge timesaving tool for people that do regular online meetings. It could even be used for podcasts or interviews.

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