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A platform where all your tasks, wikis, whiteboards, goals, notes, and focus come together seamlessly.

  • Smarter Notes: Frame takes your notes to the next level by turning them into the starting point of collaboration with team members. With just an @ tag, you can involve your team and streamline your workflow.
  • Keep Track: In a crowded pool of to-do’s, Frame ensures that you never miss a detail or deadline again. With simple tools, you can organize your tasks.
  • Share Knowledge: A note here, documentation there – it can be tough to keep your team on the same page. But with Frame, you can establish a unified knowledge center where everyone can share, learn, and find what they need quickly and easily.
  • Set Goals: Transform your goals from abstract concepts to concrete achievements with the help of Frame. Smart goal setting has never been easier, allowing you to set, track, and achieve your objectives as a team.
  • Ideate & Collaborate: Traditional whiteboards can be limited in scope, but digital whiteboards on Frame allow for endless solutions that can be easily shared, collaborated on, and cross-referenced anywhere.
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