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Framer lets you build a beautiful websites with a single prompt.

If you're frustrated with the time and tech know-how required to build a website, Framer might be for you.

  • Start with AI: Whether you need a personal portfolio, a landing page for your startup, or a site for your book club, Framer can help. Add some design elements like color schemes and fonts to get a customized website.
  • AI-generated, human curated: You can easily turn raw ideas into fully functioning pages with a few keystrokes. The more details you provide, the better your final result will be—and it's possible to tweak each section of code as much or little as you want!
  • You are the art director: Find unique combinations of display fonts, text fonts, and color palettes to create a theme for your site—cycle through variations or just shuffle until you find the perfect one.
  • A built-in copywriter: NGive your website copy a boost with help from Framer AI. Just click the button next to each paragraph, and watch as new text is generated by the app.
  • Responsive AI Website Templates: These aren't your everyday templates. These are responsive AI masterpieces, primed to create visually stunning websites for AI applications like image generating apps and AI chatbots. Create custom experiences that flow on all devices.

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Alternatives: WebWave, Divi, 10web

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