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Generative Art

Freeflo offers a curated collection of AI image prompts that could be your creative catalyst.

Freeflo's primary focus is on style prompts. These prompts are not generic suggestions; they are carefully chosen to spark your imagination. With Freeflo, you get access to professional, reusable generative AI-style prompts.

You can use Freeflo with any image generator. Whether you use Midjourney, Stability, or Firefly—copy and paste the prompt into your preferred generator and watch it work!

Expect fresh weekly style drops to keep your creative juices flowing. Whether you're into double exposures, line drawings, or any other style, Freeflo keeps your options open.

You can use these styles for non-commercial endeavors or license them commercially. It's a versatile tool that caters to both amateurs and professionals in the creative field.

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