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GEN plus is a ChatGPT browser extension that will turbocharge your browsing and maximize your productivity. You can use this browser extension on any website, whether you're writing a killer headline or an email.

  • Produce high-quality content in the browser: Create everything from blog posts and essays to domain-specific documents like marketing campaigns, LinkedIn posts, alluring ad campaigns, and product descriptions. Write emails 10x faster: Draft email replies faster than you can type.
  • Ask any question: Knowledge has never been more accessible. GEN plus can answer any question, look up information, or explain complex concepts.
  • Fix spelling & grammar: Get rid of embarrassing typos and grammatical gaffes. GEN plus helps you write like a professional copywriter or journalist. It's easy to make your texts perfect with this extension.
  • Supercharge your browser: Take advantage of handy shortcuts to make your browsing faster.
  • Works everywhere you do: Integrates with all websites, from social media platforms to tools, messages, and emails. AI support, wherever you want it.
  • Available for Chrome and Brave, this extension comes with a privacy-first approach, ensuring that your content and conversations remain just that - yours.
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