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GPT zero

AI Detection

Telling the difference between human and AI-generated text is becoming increasingly difficult, so GPTZero is one of the most popular platform for sniffing out AI-generated content. It's accurate and easy to integrate with top learning and content platforms.

This classification model is trained on a corpus of human-written and AI-generated text to reliably predict artificial intelligence use in content.

  • GPTZero works effectively with major AI language models, including GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-4, and LLaMA.
  • GPTZero is like having a truffle pig for AI-generated text. It sniffs out sentences, paragraphs, and documents with suspiciously high levels of artificial intelligence within content marketing sites—and delivers detailed breakdowns of each find.
  • It's like Sherlock Holmes for AI-generated content, helping you uncover the truth in any sentence.

Probably the most accurate AI detector across use-cases, constantly improving technology, and uniquely attuned to student writing and academic prose.

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