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Hairstyle AI

AI tech now makes it possible for anyone to generate and simulate personalized hairstyles. With Hairstyle AI, you can experiment with different hairstyles without expensive salon visits or time-consuming styling sessions at home.

Snap a few good-quality headshots, preferably with proper lighting, and send. The app trains the AI model using these images and generates the latest hairstyles and colors that might just suit you best.

Generate a smorgasbord of hairstyles just for you. Dip your toes into trendy cuts - bring the salon right into your living room. You'll receive 140 different renders of you and your new hair, all donning a distinct hairdo. Pick and choose from popular styles and colors.

  • Works for all genders. Everyone can try a new haircut.
  • With up to 160 photorealistic renders of yourself, you get a digital preview before the actual cut.
  • Photos are securely stored and deleted after 24 hours, meaning your data privacy remains uncompromised.
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