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Business Intelligence

Hansei transforms document interaction using AI chatbots and you can take control of your data and make your workflow efficient.

Hansei analyzes your knowledge base using collections to generate answers to your queries.


-AI-powered Chat Assistant: Chat with your data and get instant answers to your questions, eliminating the need for hassle document management.
-Sharable Chat Widget: Create a customizable chat widget for your website that can answer customer queries, further enhancing your customer support.
-Data Importing: Easily import your documents from a variety of sources, making it easier for you to manage your data and access important information.
-Bot Customization and Integration: Configure your bot's behavior and easily add it to multiple channels such as Slack, Discord, and more.
-Build an AI Chatbot in Minutes: Customize, train, and embed your chatbot on your website without any coding required.

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