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Heights AI is like ChatGPT for creators and coaches and can create an entire draft course for you from scratch.

Give it some inputs and get recommendations on a catchy title. Get lesson outlines and course descriptions that drive more clicks and interactions.

Click 'generate' and your course draft is created automatically, along with a stylish cover image.

The software has been trained on everything the Heights team knows about online course creation. You get first-hand access to this collective knowledge, without high consultancy fees. But Heights AI isn't just a consultant, it's a hands-on assistant.

You can even use the chat features (like ChatGPT) to ask questions about your online knowledge business or how to make the most of the HEIGHTS Platform.

For example, describe what you would like changed, and the AI will show you the edits it suggests making to your course or product.

Get growth ideas and AI recommendations on SEO to improve your course's discoverability in Google search.

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