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Hexofy is a browser extension that transforms the way you gather data from the web. It's a tool that simplifies web scraping with just one click.

Hexofy can pull data from any website—eBay, Amazon, LinkedIn, Reddit, Crunchbase, Twitter, Google, TikTok, YouTube, Product Hunt, and more. Need leads, tweets, products? Hexofy captures all at just a mouse click.

It's not just for high-scale data extraction. For everyday needs—like gathering insights from your current webpage—it's a go-to solution.

Designed to work seamlessly with popular websites, offering dedicated 1-click data capture—extract LinkedIn profile details, and Amazon product specifics directly to your clipboard or Google Sheets.

Hexofy's AI assistant is one of the main reasons this tool stands out from other (less easy to use) web-scraping browser extensions. The AI assistant can take the data you've just scraped from a page or website and summarize it or create a social post. And there's more, the extension offers a free-form AI prompt, so you can literally manipulate or query the data in any way you like. 

The company's main product, Hexomatic, is a cloud-based platform meant for high-scale scraping and automation tasks. Hexofy, on the other hand, focuses on capturing data from pages currently being browsed, ideal for quick and immediate tasks.

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