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HookSounds AI Studio


Video soundtrack editing with AI is the future, but the technology is already here. Create dynamic soundscapes by adding effects that enhance the emotional content of your film—all while making sure everything stays in sync with each other.

With AI Studio by HookSounds, you can create custom music in minutes. Upload your video, and the AI algorithm instantly analyzes various factors such as mood, aesthetics, storytelling, energy, and length, understanding your video's unique characteristics.  

  • AI Studio examines the content, storyline and aesthetics of your video to understand what makes it unique.
  • A smart-synced soundtrack created by AI, aligned with your video's tone and message—all without manual editing or looping.
  • With its expansive library, AI Studio provides a diverse range of genres and styles to suit any taste. Its carefully chosen tracks span multiple genres so that your video project's audio backdrop will always stand out among others.
  • To get the best possible soundtrack for your video, keep adjusting it until you find a track that feels just right. If the first generated soundtrack doesn’t strike the right chord with you, tap again to regenerate and find one that does.
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