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HubSpot’s latest AI tools are all about efficienty and productivity for marketers and salespeople. It's a powerhouse toolkit for growing your business. ChatSpot is a CRM bot that aids in managing tasks, and the Content Assistant provides marketers with creative suggestions for writing blogs, emails, and promotions.

Help your sales, marketing, and customer service teams use HubSpot CRM to its full potentia with ChatSpot, a conversational CRM bot that gives people the power of an AI assistant. You can efficiently handle things like making contacts, sending follow-up emails, and generating detailed reports with simple chat commands. This AI sidekick helps you and your team manage their incoming leads and find prospects faster.

HubSpot's AI Content Assistant provides a seamless solution to writer’s block, offering content marketers and sales professionals a comprehensive platform for their creative needs. By eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple tools and learning new software, it centralizes everything in one place. From generating engaging blog posts, landing pages, and marketing emails to providing blog topic suggestions, outlines, and full paragraphs, you can take a lot of the grind out of cold email and followup email campaigns.

Also, HubSpot’s AI tools help salespeople create winning marketing emails and offer strategic discounts, so your team can send personalized campaigns that really connect with customers.

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