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HypeFury is a Twitter growth tool that acts as a personal assistant, helping you grow and monetize your Twitter audience. It uses proven techniques from Twitter OG's and offers various features to streamline your Twitter activity.

HypeFury uses AI to suggest big ideas for tweets and write authoritative tweets in seconds. It offers an inspiration panel, including thousands of your own tweets and handpicked top tweets from other creators. The AI also provides an auto-comments feature called Autoplugs that promotes your newsletter, course, or website below tweets that perform well. Autoplugs has been shown to help customers gain hundreds of new email subscribers and hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales each month.

HypeFury also uses AI to increase engagement by automatically retweeting your best tweets to give them a second life. When a tweet performs exceptionally well, the AI doubles down and retweets it to your audience, putting it in front of even more eyes.

In addition, HypeFury has an AI-powered Instagram scheduling feature that allows you to schedule your tweets to be posted on IG, and it provides an easy-to-use interface for writing threads. The AI can even turn a blog post into a thread by simply pasting it into the app.

Overall, HypeFury is a powerful Twitter growth tool that uses AI to streamline your Twitter activity and help you grow and monetize your audience with ease.

Alternatives: Typefully, Tweethunter, Postwise AI

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