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Business Intelligence

Chat with your data like you would with a friend in a coffee shop, minus the small talk. This state-of-the-art AI tool helps you squeeze the most out of your data. Ask deep questions, and get useful answers.

Insightbase can help anyone, from the most tech-savvy expert to a first-time user, to analyze and visualize data like a pro SQL wrangler, without the pro SQL skills.

  • Banish SQL queries and embrace a future where natural language is all you need. No code, no SQL, no problem. Connect to your database and ask questions without breaking a sweat.
  • Do you need powerful analytics dashboards? Implement advanced analytics without code or SQL knowledge. Insightbase makes it easy to create, use, and share insights.
  • Auto-refresh - Stay up to date with data that updates itself automatically. .
  • Share insights with your team in dashboards full of detailed widgets.
  • Dive into insights within seconds by harnessing AI's questioning ability
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